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onment〓al protectio◆n documents, int●ernationally adv●anced 鈥済reen co●ncept" should be a◆dvocated and● put into pra◆ctice by a

ll pa■rties to fu〓rther improve the 〓environmental ●protection le○vel of Expo 201■0 Shanghai Chin■a. 1) Globaliza●tion

and inter●nationaliza●tion should be pr◆esented: some 〓environmen○tal concerns◆ in the wo■rld should

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Expo 2010 Shan〓g


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technologie●s, measures and met■hods, pollution◆-free mater●ials and product/●mana

gement mod●es should be◆ recommended●. 3) Publicity◆ and wide pa●rticipatio●n should b◆e encouraged: w〓e should en○courage not only● the participatio○n of governments and● official i〓nstitutions◆, but also ●the 鈥済reen ○initiatives鈥?by en■terprises and● organization■s. Meanwhile we shou●ld call for t〓he public ●to make their ●due contribution t○o a 鈥淕reen Expo

鈥?in〓 the daily ●life. 3. Design f■ram